Hawthorne Unlimited is an innovative company that utilizes industry knowledge and connections to consult, invest, and grow within emerging companies and industries alike.Utilizing Technology, Supply Chain Management, & Financial Analysis, Hawthorne Unlimited is focused on making a better future.

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Industry Expertise

Beverage Distribution
Utilizing experience gained in the alcohol industry, retail distribution, and niche product development. Hawthorne assists in consulting suppliers, distributors, retailers, and consumers alike within multiple facets of the beverage industry.
Consumer Packaged Goods
Focused on end Product Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Effective Supply Chains, and Partner ROI. Hawthorne maintains and verifies a complex network of suppliers, manufacturers, and packaging companies to provide top of the line consumer packaged goods for B2B clients.
Experience in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and supplement industry, paired with excellence in athleticism. Hawthorne fills a unique role in qualifying, verifying, and selecting vendors when brokering raw ingredients within the growing dietary supplement and nutraceutical space.
Ex: Stock pitch for ATAI Life Sciences


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Charles W. Dick

Managing Partner- Oversees the operations, sales, and growth.

Charles graduated with distinction from The University of Tennessee - Haslam College of Business, earning a B.S. in Business Administration. While gaining degrees in Supply Chain Management, Marketing, & International Business. After Haslam, Charles was selected by E&J Gallo Winery to work within their Leadership Development Program. In 2019 Charles took to his entrepreneurial roots and joined a startup company in the Hemp & Cannabis Industry. Until 2022, Charles worked as General Manager for American Cultivation & Extraction Services (ACES), focused on market development of high quality products and raw ingredients for the dietary supplement, nutraceutical, & pharmaceutical industries. Charles possesses and utilizes startup experience specifically focused on quality and complex markets, leaning on communication, strategy, growth, and operational excellence for success.